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Behind the scenes of the Time Trap, part 2.

In the previous part, among other things, you could gain an insight into the possible difficulties of getting into the Time Trap game, we told you how a real car came down the spiral staircase and you could read about other interesting things. In the next post, we will introduce you to similar secrets from our everyday lives.

We strongly recommend it!

Perhaps the easiest way to cheat is to use excessive physical force. Here in the Time Trap (but we're sure it's elsewhere as well), at the beginning of each game, the game master tells you that you don't need to exert a lot of force anywhere. The tasks can be solved with the strength of a preschool child. So how can overwhelming power win? The players are often older and forget how long ago the kindergarten was, and remember that even then approx. they were so strong. All kidding aside, most of the time abuse of power is not done with the intent to defraud, although the end result will be that in the end. The teams then suspect that something is wrong in the room. They think that the code they came up with must be good, but for some reason this door is stuck. Or it often happens that they look for ugliness in objects where otherwise there is none. This is how cases arise, for example, where the paving stones are picked up, since the last missing number will surely be there. Furnishings and ornaments often fall victim to these ideas. What can be said in such cases? Well, in a somewhat demagogic way, just that "you have more sense than strength".

Dog friendly

Most owners try to spend as much time as possible with their pet. More and more restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues are becoming dog-friendly. We have good news for owners who want to escape, as the Time Trap is dog-friendly in every way. We warmly welcome dogs of different sizes and breeds, along with teams that want to be released. It is important that the pet is clean, because for understandable reasons we can only then allow him into our different rooms.
If at the end of the game your dog gets thirsty due to the great excitement, we can offer them a bowl of water.

"Sorry...Where can we find the toilet?"

The toilet is one of the most important points in the life of an escape room. Every team wants to find it. This is the first question most teams have. Which is completely understandable. After all, they will play closed for 60-75 minutes, and let's face it, it's better to arrange this before the game. Of course, you can leave our rooms at any time if someone misjudges how much fluid they have taken. But of course this is not very practical. The master of the game must open the door and then close the team again and thus the unity of the release is broken. That's why we encourage everyone to boldly visit the bathroom before the game!

However, two very important aspects must be mentioned. Guests of escape rooms like challenges and are also creative. This should not be denied to them, as these are the attitudes that are very necessary during the game. But you shouldn't be hasty either, because two mistakes can be made when you go on a journey of discovery. From the waiting room, there are 3 ways to find the toilet on your own, and only one of them leads to the perfect solution. Unfortunately, the 33.33% chance is not very high, so please always ask. In a good case, the explorer is lucky and chooses the right direction. After leaving the waiting room, turn left and find the washroom within a few meters. If you start from the hall and go straight up the spiral staircase, there is every chance that you will find yourself in the restaurant and end up in the staff washroom of the gyro restaurant. This is not considered very bad, and it has never caused any inconvenience, but it is better to use our toilet. The worst thing the adventurer can do is turn right and head straight for the brown door at the end of the corridor, which leads to Hisztis Mirtill's washroom. The unsuspecting adventurer can be very happy at this point, because it really looks like a toilet, but it's not a real toilet. Everything inside is the net scenery. This is part of our Chamber of Secrets track, from where the whole adventure starts. Let's face it, serious problems can arise from this. Fortunately, such a misunderstanding has not yet occurred, and so that it does not happen in the future, please contact the game masters for any information.

The mysteries of the elevator shaft

As I mentioned, the rooms are located in a rather cozy downtown basement system, which means a surprising amount of interesting things and difficulties. One of the most interesting things is that the elevator shaft of the körút condominium above us can be accessed from our Chernobyl room. Of course, players don't have to fear that a careless move will end up in the elevator shaft, but it is right next to them. This thing, which at first seems rather disadvantageous, just came to fruition during the planning of the course. Our Chernobyl room tries to evoke the interior of a reactor in the world of visuals, in which the operation of the nearby elevator creates the feeling that the players are really playing in the depths of a complex structure. As a result of conscious organization and creative ideas, players have the opportunity to peek into this room dotted with machines. In fact, they should do this so much that one of the tasks requires players to include the elevator in the game (if not physically, but visually).

It is particularly interesting that the elevator maintenance workers are so good that they tell you when they would come to do the maintenance work. This way, it cannot happen that players or workers have to wait for each other.

Inexplicable phenomena in the Time Trap!

Many years of experience and game management train the attention of our game masters. After all, attention is a big part of their work. When and where to help? When is the next team coming? Where could the previous company put that very tiny key? etc. For these reasons, the attention of game masters is sharper than that of the simple layman. He is also able to observe things that others may not notice. Here at the Time Trap, our game masters noticed mysterious things. The phenomenon has not yet been named, but the point is that in certain periods, the teams always make a mistake in relation to a specific course for a few days or weeks. This has to be imagined in the way that players get stuck at that point neither before nor after. Only in that one week can the (let's call it something) "mysterious joint error" be observed. After that, he disappears without a trace and may never return. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to explain these phenomena with scientific means, so we cannot rule out that there is some kind of magic or curse behind it....

What should we take with us? "You bring the bag"?

A recurring dilemma is what teams can bring into the room. We do not have such a clause at the Time Trap. So much so that you can even come with a pet. However, in addition to the fact that anything can be brought in (within reasonable limits, of course), it does not mean that it is worth going with a lot of additional things, since not all of the courses decorated with different themes have suitable places to store bags and other items. A recurring question is whether the phone can be brought inside. Of course, it can be done, since the tasks of the rooms are designed in such a way that the Internet cannot be of help (it is not even certain that there is storage capacity in the basement). In order to achieve the haunted perfect gaming experience, we advise you to put your bags, jackets, and phones in one of the lockers that can be locked, where they will be waiting for you in complete safety after your release.

In the 21st century, the smartphone is an indispensable tool and we feel that it should always be with us. However, we still encourage you to leave it in the bag. The constant beeps and vibrations are distracting and can take you out of the game, which is certainly not an advantage. Especially not if the team is attuned to the series of challenges.


TimeTrap® is an unique escape room in the heart of Budapest, waiting its guests 7 absolutely marvellous exit rooms. You have never seen things like this before!

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