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Online escape room

Reservation: Considering that the online game requires a unique arrangement of appointments between the live games, please contact us by phone or e-mail regarding booking an appointment:


Two of our courses can already be played online, but we are working on it so that we can convert more courses to online play in the near future.

Check out our first online game: CSI Budapest - online escape room

And for the sake of Harry Potter fans, the WIZARD WORLD COURSE, where we also thought of the little ones, so it can be great fun for groups of children and adults, thanks to the two types of gameplay.

For children's teams, assuming adequate computer skills, we recommend the game from the age of about 8.

Now is the time to try the newest generation of escape rooms! Online escape rooms allow you to experience the excitement of escape games without ever leaving your home. You can try out a real escape room online with the help of the on-site game master via webcam, the Game Master will help you explore the area by following the instructions you give.

Online escape rooms give you the opportunity to try out the game from home. Remote Escape Room brings you and your friends the experience of freedom without limits, you can be anywhere in the world, with the help of an online connection you can solve the tasks together and complete the mission. The game master will be your eyes and ears, he will walk around the room following your instructions and with the help of the webcam you will see exactly the same thing as him. Team members connect online on a common interface and solve tasks together, just as if they were all on site. The only difference is that the game master carries out the instructions given by you.

Online escape rooms allow remote team members to play together, anywhere in the world. Physical distance is no longer an obstacle for you to spend time together and gain lasting experiences.

You don't need anything else, just a team and an online connection, we fulfill the other conditions for you. The essence of the online game is the same as the traditional one, with the help of different codes and signs you have to solve the tasks and puzzles in the room in order to complete the mission and then get out of the room.

Remote Escape Room

The Remote Escape Room allows the players and the game master in the escape room to communicate with each other via an online connection. In practice, it works like a video conference call, where one of the participants, the game master, is only physically present in the escape room. And players can enter the room through a webcam, no matter how far apart they are physically.

With this option, we can ensure that players do not suffer from escape room withdrawal symptoms even during the epidemic and curfews. In fact, it is even possible for team members who are far from each other to enjoy the excitement of the escape room together.


How can I play an online game?

The most important thing for the game is broadband internet and a device with a camera and microphone (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone). The game is more enjoyable on a device with a larger screen, but it can also be played on mobile. It is recommended to use a headset so that external noises do not disturb the other participants in the game

When making a pre-booking, you will receive an automatic e-mail containing the information required for payment.

For the time being, you can only pay in advance for online games*. After receiving the payment, we will send you a finalizing e-mail within 24 hours, in which you will receive the code necessary to access the game and the interface where the streaming will take place, forward this to the other members of the team.

You will be able to enter the online interface no earlier than 5-10 minutes before the start of the game, it is advisable for all players to enter on time, as the game master will summarize the rules and explain the technical information in a few minutes.

In the online game, there is a chat window through which you can make notes that everyone can see.

* The time can be changed no later than 48 hours before the start of the game. We cannot refund the price of the paid game, but we can transfer it to another time at least 48 hours before the game starts. In this case, please contact us.

If you have any technical or other questions about the game, feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone!

TimeTrap® is an unique escape room in the heart of Budapest, waiting its guests 7 absolutely marvellous exit rooms. You have never seen things like this before!

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