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Harry Potter’s Path

If you wish to have a real experience, you should not miss our brand new room: Harry Potter’s Path!
In this exit game you have an amazing glimpse into Harry Potter’s world, you can meet adorable creatures and face magical objects!
You can try apparation, meet a real dragon, and if you wish to escape the room, you must use magic wand too…


The trap of a Psychopath Killer

You can choose from these two rooms: The Trap of a Psychopath Killer or Prison Trap

You haven’t seen anything like this before! Guaranteed!

Suddenly you find yourself with your friends in the trap of a psychopath killer. You don’t know how you got there, and for the time being you don’t know how to get out either. Not a drop of sunlight is getting in, this place is creepy. But you have to get out somehow! At that moment you hear a sound from a speaker and you realise that you only have 1 hour to get out of this nightmare.


Prison Trap

You can choose from these two rooms: The Trap of a Psychopath Killer or Prison Trap

You surely haven’t seen anything like this!
Be a captive in a prison, and try to break from your cell. It depends on you and your team if you can break yourself free, or you will rot in prison forever. The conditions are similar to a real prison in the game. Can you get rid of your chains?


DeathTrap – Bunker

5 unique rooms avalilable for choise.

Chemical disaster just breaks out, civil defense services assigned survivers into various shelters.

You are locked into shelter, and you are wainting the end of the disaste. You get bored in this situation…


CSI Budapest – The butcher

A cruel serial killer is keeping the residents of Budapest in terror. The commissioner of police has assigned his best team of detectives, you, to solve the case. Until now, you have always been one step behind hence the number of victims has increased… Maybe you can end it today?


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Nyitva tartás:
délelőtt 10-től éjjel 12-ig

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