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Harry Potter’s Path (2-6 person)

Price: 12.500 Ft/ team up to 6.
1073 Budapest Erzsébet krt 17. door bell: 30

A game you have never seen before!

If you wish to have a real experience, you should not miss our brand new room: Harry Potter’s Path!

In this exit game you have an amazing glimpse into Harry Potter’s world, you can meet adorable creatures and face magical objects!

You can try apparation, meet a real dragon, and if you wish to escape the room, you must use magic wand too…

Meanwhile you should not forget the mission of your team. Before time over, You have 60 minutes to help Harry to win against Voldemort.

The conception of the room pays special attention to the various needs of people in different age ranges.

Families with small children, youth, team-building companies, friends – everybody is welcome!

Our uniqly equipped rooms and the magic riddles are ideal for everyone.

Anyone who likes the story of the wizard is obliged to try this room. Anyone, who does not know it already, just should try, and will be attracted.

Please kindly pay attention to the following: this room is located on a new venue:

1073 Budapest Erzsébet krt 17. door bell: 30
Inquiry and booking: +36 20 311 9471

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1075 Budapest Kazinczy u 10.
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Nyitva tartás:
délelőtt 10-től éjjel 12-ig

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