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Birthday party


If you want a real lasting experience for a birthday or other event, organize a group together with an escape room.


Our birthday package:

  • 60/75 minute escape game for a maximum of 6 to 18 people
  • birthday cake (we provide all the supplies for cake making) (choice of cakes: yoghurt lemon, yoghurt raspberry, sacher, fruit curd cake, chocolate, punch, Russian cream, drum cake, marzipan) the range of cakes may change!
  • the party can be booked without ordering a cake, in which case the price of the cake will be deducted from the party package
  • unlimited syrup consumption (various flavors)
  • party invitation template

Of course, our Zzúr package is not only recommended for children, the location is excellent for organizing other events (bachelor and hen parties, surprise parties, escapes combined with an engagement, retirement parties :) etc.)

For adult events, we can even provide champagne or a meal.

We try to satisfy all needs, feel free to contact us with unique needs!


Package price*:

  • for a maximum of 12 people: 52900 HUF (escape room on two optional Magical World courses in parallel + ZSÚR, 2-2.5 hour program (with 12 slices of cake)
  • for a maximum of 12 people: 74990 HUF (escape room TWICE on TWO free-to-choose Várazzvilág courses, with course change + ZSÚR approx. 3.5-hour program. (with 12-slice cake)
  • for a maximum of 18 people: 79990 HUF (escape room on three parallel tracks - Magic World track, +ZSÚR 2-2.5 hour program (with 18 slices of cake)
  • + Additional offer for groups of 12-18 people: a 25-minute joint game session for all participants after the escape room with the help of an animator: + 10000 HUF
  • for a maximum of 6 people: 43900 HUF (escape room on TWO Magic World tracks + ZSÚR approx. 3.5-hour program (with 6 slices of cake)
  • for a maximum of 6 people: 32900 HUF (escape room can be chosen on the Magic World track + ZSÚR 2-2.5 hour program (with 6 slices of cake)
  • If you want to bring the cake, that can also be arranged, in which case the price of the cake will be deducted from the price of the package.

Of course, we also try to fulfill wishes that are not included in the packages, contact us by phone or e-mail.

*We cannot give discounts on package prices.


TimeTrap® is an unique escape room in the heart of Budapest, waiting its guests 7 absolutely marvellous exit rooms. You have never seen things like this before!

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