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About our padlocks and locks

Padlocks are basically more typical of old-style, first-generation escape rooms, as modern solutions such as magnetic locks, sensors and the like can provide a better experience in rooms with certain themes. There are escape rooms that have no locks at all, everything is electronic. When designing our rooms, we found that it is best to combine the two solutions, so lovers of both worlds can find what they are looking for.

Of course, plain keyed locks can get boring after a while, and they don't allow us much room for maneuver from a room design point of view. That's why we always try to change things up a bit, use new types of locks, install locks that open with new mechanics. These include, for example, the directional lock shown in the picture, which you can also find on our Magical World courses, as well as disc locks that work on a principle similar to the lock of safes.

These not only bring a new color to the locks because of the interesting opening mechanism (disc locks), but the nature of the codes required for them (directions) and the search and deciphering of individual characters of the code also provide a new experience... and of course, hiding a direction combination, which is also new to us, it opens up more creative perspectives when hiding a simple key or number combination.

A (perhaps) interesting statistic about our padlocks and locks:

On the occasion of the reopening, we naturally checked the rooms, which stood alone for almost two months, to see if they were ready to play. We went through and checked the locks, padlocks, maps, magic wands, machines, lamps and other accessories... this small inventory gave us the basic idea for the following statistics.

We can also say that anyone who wants to tackle all our rooms has to face so many things:

Number of rooms: 7

Total number of padlocks: 38 pcs

- 17 padlocks with keys

-17 coded padlocks with letters and numbers

- 4 directional locks

Other keyed, coded and trick locks, doors, etc.: 41 pcs

- 12 keys (e.g.: door, cabinet)

- 6 codes (e.g.: briefcase, switchboard, color codes)

-23 others (e.g. things that open with a magnetic/infrared/laser/UV magic wand, magnetic locks, wall levers)

Total number of characters of codes and passwords to be deciphered and collected: 139

Number -81
-20 letters
-36 directions
-3 others

Good luck for that :)


TimeTrap® is an unique escape room in the heart of Budapest, waiting its guests 7 absolutely marvellous exit rooms. You have never seen things like this before!

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