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Description of the Time Trap escape room tracks, part 1.

In the next article, you can read a summary of our tracks. They provide a small taste of the type, difficulty and theme of the rooms for the teams who want to escape. It shows to whom and why we recommend them. We also provide a little insight for professional freelancers who may also be interested in what technical and skill tasks are dominant on certain courses.

Wizarding World - Chamber of Secrets

The Chamber of Secrets is one of our most popular rooms, which can also be interpreted as the third part of our Wizarding World themed courses.

Instead of the usual 60 minutes, you can count on a longer playing time of 75 minutes. Basically, it is considered medium difficulty compared to our other games, this is because it is not a collecting and searching room. In terms of tasks, the challenges awaiting players are more like puzzles and special locks. True to its name, the Chamber of Secrets also contains a lot of magic-related tasks. Participants must acquire magic wands during the game, with which they must perform various spells. These challenges make the atmosphere of the game absolutely unique, and their serious technical and IT background enables the contestants to experience the wizards' adventures in the most authentic way. We recommend this room to everyone, regardless of age or interest, it can provide a very enjoyable and exciting experience for anyone. No prior background knowledge is required and it is one of our most popular rooms. It is very typical that those participants who, according to their own admission, are far from the theme of the room, talk about the game as a great experience after their release. In terms of the story, the game starts in Mirtil Hisztis's girls' bathroom, then you have to go through a network of sewers to get to the Chamber of Secrets, where the goal is to defeat the dangerous Basilisk. A must for Harry Potter fans!

Wizarding World - Den

Our Den level can be considered the first part of the Wizarding World stories, with a playing time of 60 minutes. It is important to know that the

 Wizarding World escape rooms are not built on top of each other, so they can be played in any order. If we still have to line up, we mostly just use the order of the opening of the tracks as a basis. During the game, the contestants have to get from Hagrid's barn to the magical house of the Weasley family with the help of a hopping booth, where they can become part of an unusual adventure, and last but not least, we have to help Harry. The track combines tasks typical of all escape rooms. In addition to your ingenuity and skill, you will also need your code-breaking skills, you will have to deal with puzzles and riddles in order to get out, and of course it doesn't hurt to be proficient in magic. Only teams that can cast spells with all types of wands can succeed. The atmosphere of the room is captivating, it is one of our most elaborate rooms with the best atmosphere. You can find real wizarding relics and get a glimpse into the unusual life of the Weasleys. The game is roughly an hour long and is one of our moderately difficult rooms. However, we recommend the course to everyone, as it can provide a real escape room experience not only for children and fans.

CSI Budapest-The Butcher

You can try yourself as a detective on our CSI course. You must investigate a serial killer butcher who is believed to be keeping his victims in his shop.

 Many different clues have to be identified on the course, and codes and passwords make it difficult to solve the room. 75 minutes are available for the game, which is not surprising, since this is our most difficult course. Basically, due to its theme, we don't usually recommend it to groups with small children, but its level of difficulty is also higher compared to our other rooms, so it clearly belongs to the adult category. Of course, this does not mean that the visiting teams should be afraid of anything, since the room's decoration alone is terrifying. It must not be forgotten that escape rooms are a completely different category compared to horror houses. Here you have to solve puzzles, codes and a criminal case, which is basically exciting and fun. We recommend it to young people, university students and anyone who wants to become an even better free skater by trying our harder course.


TimeTrap® is an unique escape room in the heart of Budapest, waiting its guests 7 absolutely marvellous exit rooms. You have never seen things like this before!

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