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Escape room and related technical elements

Many people like to go to escape rooms and many are also interested in the technical parameters of the games. In this article, we will try to present several key points that are important pillars of smooth gameplay and essential conditions for good games.

The first thing that stands out is the camera.

The vast majority of escape rooms use cameras during the game, this is necessary for several reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is that the playmaker can help if the team feels the need, and the other reason is to be able to prevent unexpected situations. For example, if the team starts in the wrong direction or if they play irregularly, the game master sees this and can speak on the radio. One of the most typical cases is that teams climb into places where they shouldn't. The camera system was therefore created for the safety and assistance of the teams. This does not mean that we follow every minute of the team's game like in a reality show, but we regularly (every 5-10 minutes) look at the teams to see if they are progressing and if they need any help.

We try to keep our cameras relatively hidden so that players don't feel like we're watching them. However, it is vital that these devices are found in every room of the room, so that the games can be played as safely and as enjoyable as possible.

The countdown timers in the rooms

Here at Időtsapda, players can track how much time they have left on each course on a monitor. This is very important, because in the case of a possible jam during the game, the competitors can lose a lot of time. In these situations, the clock is very useful, as the teams can decide whether to ask for help depending on the time. Of course, the game masters also have the task of recognizing these situations and asking the survivors if they can help. Thus, time can be not an enemy, but a good friend of the participants in the game. At Időtsapda, we strive to make the counters fit into the atmosphere of the room as much as possible. For example, we try to use different fonts (Harry Potter font) or different backgrounds (Chernobyl or Psychopath Killer Track).

The radio is a freedman's best friend

Teams sometimes get stuck in escape rooms, which breaks the flow of the game, and they may slip so much in time that they have very little chance of getting out. It was invented to solve these unpleasant situations, to have some kind of immediate connection between the players and the game master. In such cases, the teams can ask for help in order to move forward. Almost all escape rooms use this practice. However, it is not possible to use this option in unlimited quantities in all places. Sometimes there is a time delay, and somewhere the number of requests for help is limited.

Here at Időcspada, you can use endless help, because we think that the experience of getting out is the most important thing. Of course, professional escapees don't have to be afraid either, we only help if the team asks for it. The situation is different for younger teams with small children, here we try to do our best so that the teams have the desired experience of success. This means that we are more in touch with the freedmen, and if we see that they are stuck, we ask if we can help and try to lead them on the right path so that the gaming experience is maximized.

No need to panic!

Solving logical and dexterity tasks in a closed room fills you with adrenaline and excitement at the same time. However, there may be cases where the player does not feel well and wants to go out. These are considered very isolated cases, but the escape rooms had to be prepared for everything, and we introduced panic buttons to solve these problems. The panic buttons are located next to the closed doors and are marked with a clearly visible sign. If the players press them, the magnetic locks open and the room can be left by the shortest route. Obviously, this only happens in unique and rare cases, but it's better to be prepared for everything, and if someone is afraid of being locked in and it hits them in the escape room, they can still change their mind with the help of the panic button. Not to mention the function of making it easier to get out in case of danger. Therefore, the design of panic buttons is also essential from a safety point of view. It usually happens with teams with small children that they want to get out ahead of time, but this is also one of the very rare cases. Overall, the panic button is a friend that gives a sense of security, which ensures that the entire release is cloudless.


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