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Safety devices and solutions in the escape rooms of the Time Trap

One of the most important aspects for us - in addition to entertainment - is that our Players feel completely safe during the game. Even if they are fighting for their lives in the trap of a Psychopath Killer, or if they have to find a way out of the depths of a dark dungeon while being chained and handcuffed.

This can only be achieved if every minute of gameplay; every room, every corner and of course all the Players in it are secured at several points. We will now take a look at our toolbox for this purpose:

1.: The possibility of asking for help:

The Players are in contact with the Game Master from the first minute of the game to the last, so they can ask for help at any moment. Anytime. Any amount. About anything. Whether it's just a little guidance during one of the tasks, help to open a lock or solving any other problem that may arise.

We have several tools for this simple task: in most of our rooms, the Players are given a radio (walkie talkie) at the beginning of the game, the match of which is with the Game Master. We deviate from this only if the theme of the room requires it: in one of our rooms, for example, this communication takes place via a telephone mounted on the wall.

Plan B.: if Murphy's Law comes into effect and the radio fails for any reason, the Game Master has the option of activating the microphones of the cameras placed in the rooms so that he can hear the Players' questions and answer them through the installed speakers.

2.: The cameras:

The Game Master can see every corner of the playing field with the help of the cameras placed in the rooms, so he can monitor all the actions of the Players and the progress of the game. If the Game Master judges that the Players are stuck or on the wrong track and will run out of time, he can offer them help. It also detects through the cameras if any of the game's tasks or puzzles fail, if they do not work as intended, or if the Players violate the safety regulations described at the beginning of the game.

Our cameras NEVER, under any circumstances, DO NOT RECORD, they only transmit live images to the Game Master's monitors.

Plan B: cameras are useful, but not essential to the game. In the event of a malfunction, their role can be replaced by the radio, through which the Gamemaster can assess where his Players are with 1-2 targeted questions and provide assistance accordingly. In extreme, strongly justified, exceptional cases, the Game Master can go to the Players' side to help and supervise them. (A specific, real example of this: the small group of 8-10 year olds was fighting for freedom in the depths of the Wizard's Prison, when the one-eyed adult chaperone had to leave for certain reasons. Thus, the children played the second half of the game in the presence of the Game Master and together with him.)

3.: The Game Master:

The Game Master's role in security begins when he conducts a course check before the start of the game: he examines whether the padlocks, locks and other devices in the room are working as intended.

It is also important that, during the briefing before the start of the game, he explains the general and sometimes room-specific safety regulations and information, demonstrates the use of certain devices, assesses the team's experience and answers any questions that may arise. A prepared, helpful game master can add a lot to the team's sense of security, since he is the one who will lock the Players in a room after all.

In addition, the task of the Game Master is to monitor the progress of the game with the help of the previously mentioned cameras. This is important in order to be able to provide relevant help to the Players if necessary, or to detect in time if any device breaks down or if the players use them in an inappropriate manner.

Plan B.: There is no game without a game master. It would be pointless to try to completely replace it, but we have minimized its role in the gameplay: EVERYTHING on the tracks works/opens/closes/arrives automatically, and we also included instructions for use for unusual padlocks and locks. Thus - ideally - all our rooms can be played through without any external intervention, the Game Master's responsibilities are limited to answering and helping the Players' questions and ensuring and supervising the smooth gameplay.

TimeTrap® is an unique escape room in the heart of Budapest, waiting its guests 7 absolutely marvellous exit rooms. You have never seen things like this before!

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