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The Trap of Chernobyl

Game time: 60 minutes
Price: 17900 (2-6 person) +3000 ft/extra person
Number of participants: 2-6 person
Location: 1073 Budapest Erzsébet körút 17. (30. doorbell)

You can choose from 7 unique courses.

It is 1986 and one of the most significant nuclear disasters of the 20th century will soon occur. A failure has occurred in reactor block 4 of the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, better known as Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the reactor has overheated and the explosion is about to occur.

The repair team, i.e. you, could be the ordinary heroes who prevent the disaster, you have less than 60 minutes left.


TimeTrap® is an unique escape room in the heart of Budapest, waiting its guests 7 absolutely marvellous exit rooms. You have never seen things like this before!

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