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Prison Trap
60 minutes 17900 (2-6 person) +3500 ft/extra person 2-6 person 1073 Budapest Erzsébet körút 17. (30. doorbell)
The Trap of Chernobyl
60 minutes 17900 (2-6 person) +3500 ft/extra person 2-6 person 1073 Budapest Erzsébet körút 17. (30. doorbell)
Magic - Burrow
60 minutes 17900 (2-6 person) +3500 ft/extra person 2-6 person 1073 Budapest Erzsébet körút 17. (30. doorbell)
Magic - The Chamber of Secrets
75 minutes 19900 (2-6 person) +3500 ft/extra person 2-6 person 1073 Budapest Erzsébet körút 17. (30. doorbell)
Magic - The Prison of Wizards
75 minutes 19900 (2-6 person) +3500 ft/extra person 2-6 person 1073 Budapest Erzsébet körút 17. (30. doorbell)
The Trap of a Psychopath Killer
60 minutes 17900 (2-6 person) +3500 ft/extra person 2-6 person 1073 Budapest Erzsébet körút 17. (30. doorbell)
CSI Budapest - The Butcher (2-8 person)
75 minutes 19900 (2-6 person) +3500 ft/extra person 2-8 person 1073 Budapest Erzsébet körút 17. (30. doorbell)

TimeTrap® is an unique escape room in the heart of Budapest, waiting its guests 7 absolutely marvellous exit rooms
You have never seen things like this before!

You can find TimeTrap® locked rooms in a total unique and absolutely extreme athmosphere:

If you wish to participate in a really horror mood experience, and you wish to have a look into an insane mind, The Trap of Psyhopath Killer escape room is your choice. PrisonTrap exit game offers an engaging experience due players sniffed into a prisoners skin for a while. The Trap of Csernobil exit room is in the biggest nuclear disaster in history. The only hope, to avoid the explosion is a group of brave engineers: You. You have only 60 minutes to fix the reactor and rewrite history.

There is no question about CSI- Budapest – The Butcher being the most bloody and hardest exit game at TimeTrap® escape games. Playes deputize a group of detectives tracing a serial killer. Players have 75 minutes before the brutal Butcher bears down again.

Players run up against a marvellous magic world at the basement of 17. Erzsébet körút: Visitors can have fun in 3 Wizarding World escape rooms.

If you like magic stories like Harry Potter, TimeTrap exit rooms called Magic offers an enchanting experience to you and your friends playing escape games in Budapest.

You meet magical creatures in the escape game called Magic, whereas your friends murmur strange abrakadabras and make funny motions with a magic wand in one hand. Do not be surprised if objects moving by themselves or you meet things you did not know existing in this magic world. You can try Magic– Burrow, The Prison of Wizards and The Chamber Of Secrets rooms, where groups have 75 minutes (instead of 60 minutes).

This locked room will offer a very original adventure for both children and adult players.

It is an unique offer from TimeTrap: if you think a 60 minutes escape game is not enough to you, you can try 2-3 exit game one after another at TimeTrap locked room. Players participated in an escape game Wizard and Witch (with 2 or 3 exit rooms of Magic World) can call themselves Magic World expert. Playing 2-3 exit games one after another rooms there is a special offer for this.

Escape games turned up only a few years ago in Budapest, since then exit games became very popular leisure activities. Escape game is a special hungarian invention: players are locked up in a room, and need to free themselves in less than 60 minutes by solving different kind of puzzles, riddles and logical tasks.

The type and difficulty of this riddles are close to infinie. Room escape games are located usually in furnished rooms, and the best games have kind of frame stories (e. g. detective, horror, sci-fi story, or story of a movie, like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter exit game etc.)

At TimeTrap locked rooms it is absolutely emphasized that even the last details of the furniture and the room need to be lifelike, realistic and apropriate to the story. Beside the marvellous adventure of entering a room, players facing with a bunch of logical tasks, and many-many attractions of the room.

Due to special attention TimeTrap team paid to the background sound and light effects of the games, players can feel the game and live the game by gaming experiences. Tasks existing from simple logical tasks through mechanical palpable tasks even to difficult micro-electronical opening gates. TimeTrap works with large scale of tasks and technical solutions, they are unique, you can not find them anywhere else.

As for quality and uniqueness, it is a really large dispersion amongst Budapest escape rooms. Based on its unique solution and excellent game quality, TimeTrap is really proud to announce, that thousands of exit game players used its services during its 6 years of existence.

All of players need at TimeTrap locked rooms are intelligence and team work. It is not about phisical strength or instincts. At TimeTrap escape games everything matters, there is no coincidence, even the smallest detail has its meaning: keys, codes, mind-breaker riddles can be found throughout the locked rooms of the exit game.

Players can continously paying attention the passing of time on a display, and as time runs out, players are more and more excited. Exit rooms are not about fee-faw fum, there are no dark figures jumping to players, adrenaline boost comes through passing time, solving riddles and being locked up.

Escape game players with children facing with limited possbilities. TimeTrap is a niche on the market: The furnishing and appearance of Magic world locked rooms are enchanting small (3-4 years old) children, even if they are not yet able to solve the puzzles, they can have fun in the magical looking rooms. Riddles and puzzles and tasks in Magic World exit games are appropriate to schoolchildren.

Nevertheless, Magic room escape games are not only for children, but also for adults, it is challangeing for all the age groups. During building Magic escape games, special attention was paid to children (not to scare, or shy), so Magic 2. locked room was made in two different version – one for adults, and one special to children.

If you wish to share a really special adventure, you can organize a birthday party at TimeTrap locked rooms. Escaping from a room escape and a birthday party together are a life-long memory. Guests of a birthday party can celebrate in our room with a special decoration for this ocassion.

Team building TimeTrap locked rooms are appropriate venue for team building and other events. Each room has a capacity is 18-20 person (the maximum capacity of players is 38 person / 6 exit rooms at the same time). The locked room at Kazincy street is an excellent venue for corporate events: after playing escape games, hungry people can have a mexican lunch or supper on the same location.

Companies are welcome to apply at: info@idocsapda.hu, +36 20 311 9471.

Do not forget booking before playing!

Booking is required in advance!

  • 3 in 1 party in Kazinczy Street – El Rapido – Grand Bazaar Bar – Time Trap

    At first glance, this business association may be surprising, but once you visit the complex, you will see why it can be so good. For example, you don't have to go out into the night again after 1 a.m. in search of new excitement, or if you're going to have fun with a larger group of people with various interests, everyone will find the program they like in one place. The El Rapido grill and tequila bar operates on the upper level of the building and has everything it takes to create a spicy and fiery atmosphere.
  • Survivor: Time Trap

    This week could not pass without locking ourselves somewhere from which we need to escape. We have just been captured by a psychopathic killer in a place called the Time Trap. The place is located in the basement of the El Rapido Mexican buffet & Grand Bazar Bar at 1075 Budapest Kazinczy u 10. This is good because even before or after the game, if someone gets hungry, they can immediately eat delicious and authentic Mexican food, and immediately after the game, in a cozy place, you can discuss the experiences while drinking a few beers and tequila.
  • Time Trap - The psychopath killer

    Escape from the captivity of a psychopathic killer in 1 hour. Locked in the dark basement, you can only count on yourself and your companions. Live exit game for teams of 2-5 people. It provides a real experience for all ages. Active thinking, cooperation and luck are necessary for success. It doesn't require physical strength, you don't have to expect direct scares. The increase in adrenaline is caused by the atmosphere of the location, the passage of time, and the task solution. It provides real active entertainment for all brave entrepreneurs.
  • Time Trap escape rooms

    The Time Trap is a version of the escape rooms where, in addition to the family-friendly tracks (Wizard World I-II.), there is also the possibility of shivering. There are themes available for this, such as the Psycho Killer Trap (with bloody body parts, horror), the Prison Trap (where the players are actually handcuffed) or the Death Trap with a bunker atmosphere. These courses are located in the basement of the El Rapido grill & Tequila bar on Kazinczy Street, and the basement is actually a dark, dust-covered playground, which in this case perfectly matches the atmosphere and the extreme themes. However, Időcspada also has 3 other courses, these are already on Nagykörút (close to Wesselényi Street). Here in the Wizarding World, we can fight as real wizards, or we can try our hand at CSI (scenarios). The thing works very well as a team builder, but also as a more special friend or family event.
  • Time trap experience report

    Have you ever imagined what goes through the mind of a mentally ill person? Have you ever thought about what perverse thoughts and fantasies can be hidden in the depths of a schizophrenic mind? Have you ever toyed with the idea of how the horrors that he later carries out are born in the brain of a serial killer? You no longer have to rely on your imagination, now you can see with your own two eyes if you try the Time Trap!
  • We went to the Harry Potter escape room

    We visited the Harry Potter-themed escape room of the time trap, where we helped Harry save the wizarding world. We had sixty minutes to play the game, during which time we had to solve the tasks and find the object that means the end of the game. A series of logical tasks awaited the players, and those who wanted to escape had to find as many hidden objects as well. The game itself is very atmospheric, at the end, as time runs out, the excitement increases more and more, so that all hidden objects can be found and we can complete the task.
  • Time Trap: Following Harry Potter (2 - 6 people)

    If you want a real experience, you shouldn't miss the newest room of the Time Trap, "Following Harry Potter".
  • Time Trap

    The Time Trap® is the most unique escape team game (exit game) in the middle of the city center, in an unadulterated ruin pub on Kazinczy street. ALREADY THREE DIFFERENT atmospheres, but all the more original courses, are waiting for the enterprising people who want to escape. You've definitely never seen anything like this! Be the toy of a mad killer and discover the dream images of his sick mind. Enter the Time Trap and play the killer game. Be careful, you only have an hour to get out, or the Cellar will lock itself in forever.
  • Wizarding world escape room, a must for sorcerer's apprentices!

    If you love the Harry Potter movies, this escape room will surely enchant you. The most popular levels of the Time Trap are the Wizarding World rooms, an escape game where you can fall into the wizarding world, meet magical creatures and objects, or free prisoners languishing in a Wizarding Prison.
  • Time Trap

    The Time Trap emerged in 2013 from the minds of the el Rapido team. We wanted to come up with an exit game for you that you have never seen anywhere else. We had a cellar and a creative team, and everyone's imaginations started already. The ideas were flying, and after a while we found ourselves building the place. Of course, we cannot reveal details about the place, because then there would be no excitement. Come with your friends and try it out!
  • We visited the country's first Harry Potter escape room

    The Time Trap announced its Harry Potter-themed escape room opening in 2017 at the end of last year. At the entrance to the old cellar, which is hidden under one of the gyros on Erzsébet körút, you still have to pass through a cloud of food smells, but when you get down the stairs, the smell of incense burners protruding from the wall gradually replaces it. In the meantime, the well-known music from the films plays, further increasing the curiosity: how Harry Potter-like will the experience really be?
  • Experience Report: Time Trap - Psychopath's Killer Trap

    As our regular readers may already know, the world of escape games has captured the imagination of several of our editors for quite some time, so indulging in this hobby, we visit from time to time together some of these themed tracks that also fit the site's profile.


TimeTrap® is an unique escape room in the heart of Budapest, waiting its guests 7 absolutely marvellous exit rooms. You have never seen things like this before!