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Time trap experience report

The Time Trap is a newly opened escape game in downtown Budapest. The track is located in the basement of a cozy ruin pub. We arrived a little early, so while waiting for a few minutes we grazed our eyes on the Mexican menu and, of course, drooled over the beer selection, until we could finally start the game. We received a short briefing on the usual information, what to do and what not to do, especially what we should not touch, and if we think about it, put on the Time Trap protective helmets inside, then finally the long-awaited moment came, we could enter the darkest chamber of the basement.

The door slammed shut behind us and after a distorted voice gave some instructions for the game, we were finally able to look around our voluntary prison. We were in a dusty, dirty chamber, where the light bulb hanging from the ceiling provided just enough light for us to see ourselves, and the larger objects and the corners were shrouded in mysterious darkness, hiding the monster that lived there from us. But you reassure everyone, it's harmless, it doesn't bite. There was also a strange time wheel on the wall, next to which was a closed door. The latter held surprises for which we were not prepared!

The place itself was sufficiently depressing and gloomy, sometimes I thought that blood was about to flow from the walls or perhaps from the faucet. However, I think the basic story fits the room only halfway. Pictures covered in blood and the aberrated drawings from childhood all enhance the atmosphere of this, but the chair and other equipment shown on their poster, e.g. the gas masks give back the feeling of a Frankenstein movie from the thirties.

The game itself is moderately difficult, 5-6 people can easily get out of the basement, but groups of 3-4 people can sweat it out to do it in 60 minutes. We succeeded, although six of us started, so sometimes it was a bigger problem to get to an object or a cupboard than to solve the puzzles.

Overall, we had a great time, I can only recommend the Time Trap to everyone, especially since they had two small "effects" that surprised even me.

TimeTrap® is an unique escape room in the heart of Budapest, waiting its guests 7 absolutely marvellous exit rooms. You have never seen things like this before!

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